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Eye Print Pro technology is used to create an eyeprint scleral contact lens, designed to perfectly adapt to the exact contours of the individual eye and provide the best possible vision and comfort. The entire eyeprint process takes only 2 minutes per eye and is comfortable and painless. The eyeprint material in our laboratory is scanned, using a state-of-the-art three-dimensional scanner. The contact lens created by this unique technology has an accuracy of less than 2 microns.

The Eye Print Pro scleral lens is made from an oxygen-permeable material hundreds of times more oxygen permeable than any soft lens currently available. Our mission is to provide improved quality of vision to patients who have extremely low vision and currently have no alternative solutions.

These indications include but are not limited to the following conditions and diseases: Keratoconus, Marginal pellucid degeneration Ectasia post LASIK.

Complications of post radial keratotomy, Corneal transplants, High myopia / Hyperopia, Ocular surface disease (dry eye), Neurotrophic keratitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, Chemical burns, Corneal scarring, Pterygium and Pinguecula, Stem cell failure, Corneal dystrophies and degenerations.