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Everything started with an idea

MedLac Srl was established in Avellino in 2009 under the name Oftalmica Iovino Snc, with the aim of designing and manufacturing high-quality and highly-innovative custom-made contact lenses, both rigid gas-permeable and soft. The company was the upshot of the professional experience in the field of contact lens application of Marco Iovino, Orthoptist Assistant in Ophthalmology, Optician and Contactologist, who, driven by a strong passion for contactology and after having carried out extensive research into the solution of the most complex cases such as keratoconus, corneal transplantation and post-refractive surgery, set up an optical-device manufacturing business with the main aim of making customised corrective means to high technological standards but which, at the same time, were easy to apply.

Industrialisation and computerisation

In 2010, the company embarked on the industrialisation and computerisation of its production process and after just two years launched its flagship products: SLC CONICA and OK NIGHT, recognised as being “INNOVATIVE” worldwide.

MedLac Hi-tech

In 2016, MedLac srl expanded its production facility with the installation of 3 production units distinguished by the latest sub-micrometic technology. 2017 saw the installation of the eye-print SCANNERS and the EYEPRINT PRO production line.


In 2018, Medlac acquired the company SANALENS LLC, an Italian leader in the distribution of liquids and accessories for contact lenses.
This was followed by the installation of the licensed production of the GLOBAL- OK VISION line (registered trademark) and of the ZENLANS and NOVAKONE products (registered trademarks).