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Choose MedLac as your winning contactology partner

MedLac is considered the most innovative company in the field of specialist contact lenses, unique in its ability to provide reliable correction devices tested by the best fitters in Italy and around the world. At the top of the company’s priorities are after-sales service and case-by-case consultancy to support the professional lens fitter in making technical choices and in problem solving in specific cases, with the ultimate aim of satisfying the end consumer and attending to his or her needs in the most fruitful and safest way. Brand positioning surveys show that MedLac is top tier in terms of product quality and specific expertise. Using MedLac products means entering the highest level of current technology in the field of contactology.

Not only contact lenses but a complete contactology system

The MedLac product range is the widest on the domestic and European market. In addition to proprietary products, the company is the exclusive distributor throughout Italy of leading world brands in terms of quality. To this must be added a vast list of accessories for contactology as well as “high technology” maintenance solutions unique in terms of performance and safe use. The product range is completed by MEDMONT Ltd instruments, distributed exclusively in Italy, which are also unique in terms of quality and precision.